Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Post Mordem

The Ex was not happy with me for incorporating half of a devil into one of the twins costumes. She was told to say, with a coy, sheepish grin (while twisting one index finger to her dimpled cheek and cocking her head ever so demurely to the right), "but Daddy, you know I'm MOSTLY angel."

Meanwhile, he felt it was perfectly appropriate to dress our ten year old son as a psychopathic killer, complete with a bloody machete. This was disturbing to me on so many levels but mainly because I've caught the little dude with a hand full of my good kitchen knives recently.

WTF?! What are you planning to do with those young man?
Nothing mom, just sharpening them for you. Muwhahahahaha.

* Cricket*

Nothing quite says scary like a ten year old with a knife fetish.

Meanwhile, the other twin selected something of a sexy bat girl/saloon girl costume. She would now allow me to cover her neck with a warm sweater underneath in spite of the 40 degree temperature here last night so I decided to work with her. When I couldn't find her pumpkin basket from last year, I handed her a canvas wine tote.

I think she liked it because she was able to organize her candy into sections. Finally, one of them is acting like me.

The Psychopathic Killer wasn't feeling well. He only went to a few houses, then came home and curled up on the couch with me waiting to hand out candy. I may have a chance with this one yet.

I want to know who or what sick, twisted mind invented War Heads?

I am also wondering what happened to all the kids last night? I think we might have had a total of 15-20 trick or treaters.

I know a group of kids from the neighborhood were going to church to avoid the pagan, ritualistic tradition of dressing inappropriately and begging for candy. Thank goodness somebody is paying attention to the long term damages being inflicted upon these children. I think the ADA may have sponsored the church party.

Perhaps the scariest costume of all was yours truly. It transcends the present and takes us on a journey, back to the days of national championships, beating the hell out of Texas and proudly donning our OU memorabilia. I am the ghost of Oklahoma Football past.


  1. I found a deep and abiding love for Warheads whilst pregnant and desparate for something more lemony than a lemon.

    I love your kids and their costumes and their sick and twisted mother. Do you really wonder where they get it?

  2. Adorable costumes on the kiddies and Mama looks pretty damn cool too.

  3. Awe, your little ones are super-cute. :)

  4. Happy Halloween! I love the devil/angel costume! And yes, knife fetishes are a little scary.


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