Population Zen

#1 Son 
25, Cool Guy, Funny, Helpful, Caring, Smart.
Couldn't be more proud.

The Commando
12, Freckle-Faced Ball of Fury, thinks he's 30,
Lives to make his sisters suffer, play video games
and host dinner parties at a rib joint.  

The Twins
9, Gracious Tenacious
Sweet with a limit. When she breaks, she will not budge.
Liked by all who meet her. She's a little monkey who loves to climb
and wonder off into pretend worlds full of creative imaginings. I think
she's an old soul with a very wise heart.

The Twins
9, Warrior Princess
Tough little opinionated cookie who loves to speak out against the
tyranny and injustices of her world. Kind to all animals, even the stuffed
ones. She's emotional but also a fighter who has experienced
real pain and therefore, won't take a lot of crap from anybody. 

Leaders of the Free World

Have known most of these women since Kindergarten.
I can't explain it any better than my friend Sweetie Pie as she wrote the following:

Why do my friends and I call ourselves the Leaders of the Free World? Well, one of us (I’m being purposefully vague here) was in therapy and looking at why she was so staggeringly successful in some parts of her life and so ahem, not as successful in others. Her therapist said, “Well, why would Bill Clinton have sex with an intern? Because to everyone else he was the Leader of the Free World, but deep inside, he still felt like Bubba from Arkansas.”

So ever since she shared that with us, when one of us is having a crisis of confidence, someone else always pipes up and says, “You are NOT Bubba from Arkansas! You are the Leader of the Free World!” Somewhere along the line, we just started referring to our group collectively as “The Leaders of the Free World.”

The name is so fitting because I am thoroughly convinced, that given enough free time, we could solve the problems of the world. Collectively, we are that damn smart and wise and talented. If someone would just put us up somewhere with about a month’s supply of beer and snack foods, we could have the economy rebounding, the Middle East settled down, and the health care bill all figured out. President Obama? I hear Camp David is lovely this time of year!