Sunday, May 17, 2015

Can You See Me?

An Original Watercolor by ZenMama
Hidden in the corner of the layers of my life, nearly invisible as I descend into the earth.
Purple for the angry Oklahoma sky when it herds homes like an unmerciful shepherd amidst the pleasing prairie of golden wheat, whipped by the winds, stripped of its sins,
to an era past filled with red dirt and wrath.

Many years before, gold turns to grey
and the journey ended there with five tribes
arriving on a trail soaked with tentative tears.
The red dirt greeted them and opened up
to receive them as they lost their birthright
and could no longer do right in the light
of the lives left in unforgivable years.

In between as imperceptible as me, a hint or a glow
of a sunset trapped in a place where light meets dark
and the tall grass and Heather once touched by a 
daughter cannot begin to untether from the shadow
seizing the light or the light forbidding the dusk
and whether one is better or if one should ever
dare to question a sunset in the midst of their life.

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