Saturday, September 5, 2009

Note to Bill Gates

If I were a God, I would smite thee, Bill Gates. I am not a God, not even a Goddess. I'm just a frustrated mom with a large chip on my shoulder. Actually, it's more like I've got the entire mother board on my shoulder. I have donned my armor and charged into battle against the red ring of death while you, Bill Gates, are happily esconsed in Xanadu, enjoying your eco-friendly mansion. I am wondering if any of the elaborate rooms in your earth-sheltered abode are sporting an XBox 360?

I suppose you don't really have to worry when (not if) the red ring of death comes knocking on your door. Do you keep an extra supply lying around for just such occassions or do you have the units specially manufactured without all of the internal problems? I'm just askin'?

I am not technologically savvy or even technologically aware - I am tech challenged at best. The last time I was considered on top of the tech game was when commands like "C> dir a:*.ex" meant something. I was once the DOS queen. Now I am hopelessly lost in a sea of windows that do not open for me. I get angry sometimes and I forget my limitations. I try things that I shouldn't try. I get pissed, then I get dangerous.

I watched countless Youtube videos on how to repair your vile invention. I learned about X clamps, CPU's, GPU's, heat sinks, and RF modulators. I invested in new tools, an arsenol of Torx screwdrivers, a heat gun and a tube of arctic silver thermal compound. I went to war with these implements and you fucked me over. You scoffed at me while you were playing XBox live in your faux fur slippers.

I feel much better now that I have vented. My son wants me to buy another XBox 360 so he can play one of the many games from his now useless collection. He is heartbroken and I am still pissed. They say the failure rate in the electronics industry is typically 3% to 5%. Depending upon the study or the source cited, your systems fail between 52% to 100% of the time. How DO you sleep at night?


  1. Years ago, some friends at work took up a collection for my birthday and collected $300. It was given to me with the explicit instruction that I was to use it to purchase a video game system.

    My friends has XBoxex (the 360 hadn't been invented yet) and I had a Playstation 1. I chose to get a Playstation 2, since it would play all of my PSOne games and I wouldn't have to start a game collection all over again. My friends were upset by this becasue they wanted to play games with me over XBox Live.

    I have had no problems...EVER...with my PS2. My friends, on the other hand, each had to replace their XBoxes twice and since they've moved to XBox360, one friend has sent it in for repair 5 times and the other said "To hell with it" the first time it broke.

    Everyone that I know who has an XBox has had to have it repaired at least once. I'm so glad I didn't get one of those.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kevin. I'm glad you didn't invest in the 360 as well. It's a travesty. My poor son is begging for a new one. Even if I had an extra $300 I wouldn't buy that piece of crap again. Have fun with your PS2!

  3. While I have not experienced the red ring o' death (the ps3 is the way to go for game systems...)

    I have declared a personal war on BG and all his evil products, not just the game system. I have eliminated Microsoft: email products & servers, office products like word and almost completely Xcel. I refuse to use Bing! search not only because its Microsoft but they also stand to associate a deceased & beloved singer/actor with their evilness.

    Now, if I can get every user in the company over to Mac's.....

  4. Charge on Joe. I like your personal quest. Now if I could only convince my 10 year old!


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