Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Heart Robin Thomas

My girlfriend Robin was responsible for me starting to blog. She is my most ardent supporter, offerer of encouragement, medical advise provider and honest to goodness safety net in that I know she is there if I start to fall. She is a beautiful person, creatively brilliant, college professor, science geek, mother who is not afraid to save for college AND therapy, part time PA and geesh Robin, could you squeeze a little more into your life, oh yeah, she blogs.

Robin and I took one of those mind numbing, you-have-nothing-better-to-do-with-your-time, Facebook surveys recently. You know the ones like "What kind of bug would you be if you were smashed on a windshield" or "At what age will you begin to lose bladder control". You get the point.

Ms. Thomas and I endeavored to uncover which Sesame Street characters we were. Robin went first and found she was a gay muppet with a unibrow, a penchant for collecting bottle caps and mild OCD when it comes to neatness - yes, that's right. She was Bert.

And of course, there can be no doubt who was dubbed Ernie. Rubber ducky and all, I am he.

After much discussion, I think we both got comfortable with these characterizations; mostly because we knew the universe was telling us what we already knew. We are soul mates - we get each other.

The delightful Robin Thomas honored me on my birthday a few days prior with a blog on her blog about me and my blog. Pause a moment to soak that in. She likes me, she really, really likes me. It was the best birthday present ever; although as usual, her Barbie collection kicks my Barbie collection's ass.

Thanks babe. Also, check it out - this is my first time to link. Ta-da!!

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  1. I am so beside myself I can hardly stand it. I love this game of tag otherwise known as Blog Posts of The Mutual Admiration Society.

    I was loving your blog before, but now there is lipgloss on my screen.

    Is gay-unibrow an oxymoron?


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